workshops-carlosIn addition to (or as an alternative to) bringing the band for a performance, Funkadesi offers various interactive workshops that combine music, dance, and cultural expression.  The members of Funkadesi are multi-faceted musical and cultural educators.  You will also be able to send your child to day-camps and away-camps at select times of year when members of the band are featured as part of camp curricula that combine learning world music with multiculturalism, social justice, and having fun throughout!

Drums from Around the World: An Indo-Afro-Caribbean Connection

90 minutes.  Overview of African, Caribbean, & Indian drumming by Funkadesi drummers.  Elements of audience participation. The workshop concludes with the audience chanting the rhythms of each tradition, creating an Indo-Afro-Caribbean connection, climaxing with a flurry of improvisation on top of the audience chant.

Leadership Development

90-120+ minutes.  Using a drum circle format, audience members are warmly invited to play & discover the power of forming an ensemble.  Through rotating leadership of the ensemble, and discussion, foundations of self-knowledge, leadership style, and strategies for inspiring optimal output from all members of a team will be reviewed.

Mindfulness & Empathy Training (with live sitar)

45-60 minutes.  A time to relax, reflect, and experience the benefits of proven empathy & mindfulness techniques relevant for professional and personal development.

Drumming for Social Justice: Forming a Multicultural Drum Circle

90-120+ minutes. Using a lecture/demonstration and drum circle format, this workshop outlines the lessons learned from the band’s 18+ years of experience in a collaborative intercultural project.  Values include:  self-knowledge, balancing pride with humility, managing emotions that arise from cultural conflict, and cultivating a transglobal community.

Health Rhythms & Global Wisdom

60-90 minutes.  Led by Funkadesi drummers, licensed clinicians, & trained Remo Health Rhythms Facilitators, this hands-on workshop leads the audience through the mental and physical benefits of drumming & cultural wisdoms.  Involves use of proven, evidenced-based research on music’s effect on health outcomes.


Flexible depending on the age group, but can involve audience participation, live drumming, electronic sampling, etc.



Various band members can speak on topics