First Show of 2018: MLK Day at City Winery w/ DJ REDLOX

This polycultural party returns to City Winery with their first public performance since their 21st Anniversary Concerts last month! Come enjoy a dining, concert, and dance experience set to a live Bolly-Reggae-Bhangra-Funk-Caribbean explosion!

Funkadesi proudly hails from Chicago, representing the diverse multi-ethnic communities within the city. What distinguishes Funkadesi as a group is each band member’s unique and uncompromised cultural/musical contribution merging to create one unifying sound and vision. Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago 2014 named Funkadesi the Best International/World Music Band 2014. Contagious fun!


JUST ADDED: DJ Redlox returns from a year and a half in Indonesia.  What will he cook up? There is only one way to find out!