Drums from Around the World: Workshop in the Woods at Blissfest

Join Funkadesi drummers Sunday 11am for a fun, interactive Drums from Around the World: The Indo-Afro-Caribbean Connection at the Blissfest Drum Kiva . . . in the woods!

This exciting interactive workshop will highlight North Indian drumming; Latin/Caribbean rhythmic traditions (spanning Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, & other Latin/Caribbean countries); and West African & African-American rhythmic traditions.  After each of these skillful percussionists teaches the various rhythms through multi-instrumental demonstration, they show how cultures can interact through rhythm.  The workshop then involves teaching the audience how to chant the rhythms of each rhythmic tradition, thus creating the Indo-Afro-Caribbean connection.   The workshop climaxes with a flurry of improvisation by the Funkadesi drummers on top of the audience’s chant.

4 drummers